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Compassionate Care For Your Family’s Legal Needs

A family law problem affects your life and those around you in many ways. It must be resolved with sensitivity and compassion, but your rights must also be aggressively protected.

At Donovan O'Connor & Dodig, LLP, we realize that every family unit is unique, so we give every case our careful and compassionate attention. We work hard to develop solutions that are realistic, workable and fair and that protect our clients’ rights and interests.

Our Family Law Services

Donovan O'Connor & Dodig, LLP, has successfully represented many people in divorce and related family matters. These cases have ranged from relatively straightforward divorces to those involving:

Finding A Resolution That Works For Your Family

Our firm works to resolve every family law problem as quickly and efficiently as possible, while protecting our client’s rights at every stage of the legal process. When representing you, we will carefully examine the facts and legal issues in your case. We will learn about your family situation and what you want your life to look like in one year, three years, and five years. We will then develop a legal strategy designed to achieve your goals.

In many cases, we can use negotiation or mediation rather than a trial to achieve a workable yet fair resolution of issues involving child custody, property division and other matters. If the matter does not resolve through negotiation or mediation, we will represent you vigorously in litigation to protect your rights.

Attorney Brigid Hennessey is a domestic relations mediator and has found mediation to be an effective tool for resolving family law problems. Through mediation, issues are often resolved with less stress, emotional turmoil and expense than other legal strategies. Attorney Hennessey is the only divorce litigator in Berkshire County who is a member of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

For a consultation with a lawyer about a family law matter or to arrange a family law mediation, contact Donovan O'Connor & Dodig, LLP. We have offices in North Adams and Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and Bennington, Vermont, to serve you in your family law needs.

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