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Not Every Divorce Has To Be Contentious

For many individuals, seeking divorce is not a contentious process. Both parties agree that a divorce is for the best and are prepared to move forward with a joint legal filing. In these cases, there are ways to expedite a divorce. A lawyer with experience and skill can make sure your divorce is as short as possible while still protecting you and your interests.

Donovan O'Connor & Dodig, LLP, was founded more than a century ago. Our firm has a team of attorneys who provide a variety of focused services, including contested and uncontested divorce. Our firm services Berkshire County of Massachusetts and Bennington County of Vermont.

Why Uncontested Divorce Is Beneficial

When uncontested divorce is an option, it offers a variety of benefits to both spouses. In addition to its streamlined processes, these divorces can:

  • Minimize costs
  • Take into better account your specific situation and life circumstances
  • Allow you and your spouse to determine what is fair and appropriate, instead of leaving that to a judge who does not know you
  • Provide a calmer, more cooperative environment for your children

Our work in family law is extensive. We provide a full range of services. During an uncontested divorce, you will still need to establish arrangements for alimony, property division and your children. We can help.

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