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No Matter How Complicated Or Nuanced The Case, We Can Help

Some cases simply do not fit into the typical mold. Our firm regularly works with complicated cases across Massachusetts and Vermont. We provide innovative solutions to legal disputes. With more than 100 years practicing law and a team of seasoned attorneys, our firm has the resources and capacity to manage your case smoothly.

Donovan O'Connor & Dodig, LLP, has a reputation for excellence. We provide complete legal services to individuals and businesses across the region. Our extensive experience is invaluable for your case. Set up a consultation today by calling 413-663-3200 in Massachusetts or 802-442-3233 in Vermont.

Asking The Important Questions

Many factors can change how your case should be handled. Our firm can help you answer:

  • What parties are involved in the dispute?
  • What are the legal duties and obligations held by each party?
  • What specific laws and statutes impact the dispute and how do they interact with any individual contracts?
  • Is litigation the appropriate option or does alternative dispute resolution better suit your needs?

Our firm successfully manages dozens of cases annually. We provide top-tier service that helps obtain positive results for our clients. No matter how complex you think your case is, we can organize it into an intelligible and solvable series of problems. Find the solutions you need at our Pittsfield, North Adams, Springfield and Bennington offices.

Taking On Challenges That Others Turn Down

Not every firm is capable or prepared to take on complex litigation. Our firm is. We will use our extensive knowledge and resources on your behalf. For further assistance and a complete case evaluation, speak with our lawyers. Call 413-663-3200 or 802-442-3233.

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