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Working With Couples Through High-Asset Property Division

There are times when an individual may seek help from an attorney experienced in high-asset and complex divorce litigation. The divorce attorneys at Donovan O'Connor & Dodig, LLP, are knowledgeable about the valuation and division of assets. We can assess your specific financial concerns and begin crafting a plan to place you in an advantageous position after a property settlement agreement is reached.

Turn to the law firm in Berkshire County that has helped people going through high-asset divorce since 1913. Donovan O'Connor & Dodig, LLP, can analyze your unique financial concerns as they relate to property division in a divorce. To arrange your consultation, please call us in North Adams, Springfield or Pittsfield, Massachusetts, at 413-663-3200 or in Bennington, Vermont, at 802-442-3233.

Family-Owned Businesses And Other Assets Can Result In Complex Property Division

In every marriage, the couple will amass property and assets. As the value and amount of property and assets increase, however, so does the complexity involving property division.

In cases involving family-owned businesses, our divorce lawyers collaborate with business valuation experts to determine the true value of the business. Whether you were in charge of day-to-day operations or you supported the other party while they ran the business, your contribution matters and will be taken into account as we negotiate on your behalf.

Other things to consider include:

  • Will you continue running the business?
  • Will you buy out the other party?
  • Will the business dissolve entirely?

There are many outcomes for dividing a small business in a divorce — we are here to help achieve the best outcome.

Of course, family businesses are just one of the many common assets that can be involved in a complex divorce. Our law firm serves people throughout the Berkshires who possess all types of assets, including:

  • Real estate properties
  • Professional practices
  • Investments
  • Hotels and motels

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We can talk to you in a consultation and discuss our level of involvement in property division. Our attorneys are adept at handling highly complex property division and have helped many high net worth individuals throughout Berkshire County. To reach us in Massachusetts, call 413-663-3200 or in Vermont call 802-442-3233. You may also contact our law firm online.

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