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Doctor error during colon surgery results in large verdict

In Massachusetts and elsewhere, doctors have the responsibility to provide quality care and close monitoring of patients who undergo procedures. Failure to listen to patient concerns and monitor for signs of potential complications can lead to significant harm for patients. This type of doctor error and other missteps can lead to irreparable harm and even patient death, as it did for a young mom.

43-year-old woman underwent surgery to remove a polyp from her colon in 2011. While doing the surgery, the doctor caused a burn injury to another part of her digestive system, but did not realize it at the time. The patient's post-operative condition was poor. She was in a significant amount of pain and took strong medications to manage her pain levels. 

Gas stations/convenience stores may be liable for motor vehicle-pedestrian collisions involving customers

Gas stations with convenience stores are useful places to fuel up with gas (and coffee) on the way to work, but their layouts can be treacherous. In some cases, they are designed in such a way that cars can enter without significantly slowing down and there are not always guardrails or barriers in place to protect customers at the fuel pumps or those entering the store. Recently, a Massachusetts court held that if you or a family member are hit by a car in such a situation, the business may be liable for your injuries.

Jury says man suffered medical malpractice and awards $636,000

Many individuals in Massachusetts may be forced to consider around-the-clock nursing home care for a loved one or one's own care. It is often not ideal and usually very expensive. Sadly, one man claims to have suffered additional pain, suffering and medical care due to inadequate treatment in a nursing home. A jury agreed with the man and awarded him $636,000 for the medical malpractice he suffered.

The 79-year-old man suffered an unfortunate stroke, which left his mobility limited. Although his mobility was limited, he had enough strength and movement to help transfer himself from his wheelchair to his bed and toilet. During one trip to the bathroom, he was helped to the toilet and then left alone. Unfortunately, he suffered a fall while he was unattended.


More and more parents are moving in with their adult children. As nursing home costs continue to rise, some children and their parents find that living together may have certain financial and emotional benefits.

Medical malpractice: Patients report injuries from device

After many women suffered medical problems from an intrauterine device, Congress passed a Medical Device Amendment Law in 1976 in hope to prevent medical devices from being used on patients without an appropriate approval process. The Food and Drug Administration became the government department that provided oversight and approval for medical devices. One representative of the FDA stated that as many as 12 devices or modifications to previous devices are approved on a daily basis. Residents in Massachusetts may be interested to learn that some patients are experiencing negative side effects and decreased quality of life following a device implant. One man in another state may have experienced medical malpractice after an implanted spinal-cord stimulator left him bedridden.

The 45-year-old man had an existing injury to his arm that resulted in significant pain. The man was under the care of a pain management physician when he was introduced to the possibility that an implanted device could help reduce his occurrence of pain. A spinal-cord stimulator was implanted, but it malfunctioned. The device produced severe shocks, resulting in insomnia and a fall downstairs. The man reports that he remains in his bed the majority of his days and requires assistance for daily activities.

Medical malpractice: Woman claims her DNR order was ignored

Making a decision for an individual's end-of-life care is personal and often difficult. Some individuals strongly believe in trying every medical option until the final moment of life. Others make the spend their final days as naturally as possible, and may legally inform their loved ones and health care providers through a do not resuscitate order in the event of cardiac arrest. Massachusetts residents may be interested in one woman's recent medical malpractice lawsuit filed over a hospital's disregard of her DNR order following a cardiac arrest.

The woman suffers from a disease called Decrum's. The disease process results in tumors throughout an individual's body, often causing significant pain. Many individuals with the disease need frequent medical care for pain control. It was a visit to the emergency room for pain control that resulted in the woman's current circumstances and recent lawsuit.

Chris Cornell's family sues doctor for medical malpractice

Approximately one year ago, singer Chris Cornell tragically took his own life. His suicide followed shortly after a concert he performed in another state. Massachusetts residents may be interested in learning that Cornell's family has recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the singer's doctor, accusing him of negligent prescription of drugs to the singer.

The lawsuit claims that the singer's physician prescribed mind-altering and controlled substances over a two year period. The drugs prescribed involved Oxycodone and Ativan. The lawsuit claims that both drugs had the ability to impair the singer's cognition, clouded his judgment and encouraged him to engage in dangerous behavior. The lawsuit claims that the doctor prescribed approximately 940 doses of Ativan to the singer between 2015 and 2017 despite the singer's known addictive personality. The doctor has also been accused of making many of the prescriptions without seeing Cornell.

Medical malpractice: Woman's healthy kidney removed

The kidneys are one of the body's vital organs. They work to filter waste and regulate blood pressure in the human body. Although some people are able to survive with only one kidney, it is not a choice that many make. Massachusetts residents may be interested in one woman's medical malpractice case and how it left her involuntarily without a healthy and functioning kidney.

Reportedly, the 51-year-old female suffered injuries from a car accident, resulting in the need for a delicate back surgery to alleviate her chronic pain. In order for the patient to be ready for her orthopedic surgeon, another surgeon was requested to surgically open and prepare the patient. In the process, he noticed a large mass in the woman's pelvic area and assumed it may have been a malignant tumor. He opted to remove the mass without a biopsy, diagnosis or the woman's consent.

Woman blames failure to diagnose infection for husband's death

The invention of antibiotics has saved countless lives in Massachusetts and all across the world. Antibiotics are only effective if given promptly and target the correct bacterial growth in an individual. A failure to diagnose an infection in a timely manner can result in sepsis, which is a serious condition that places a patient's life at risk. One woman in another state accused a physician and hospital of medical malpractice and the failure to inform her now deceased husband of the deadly infection from which he suffered.

The man sought medical advice due to symptoms of severe knee pain. The doctor claims to have not examined any signs of sepsis during the examination, which can include increased heart rate, lower blood pressure and fever. Blood tests were taken and revealed that the man was positive for an infection. The physician claims that he then notified the patient of the need for treatment in an emergency room, but the patient allegedly refused due to medical costs.

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