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Jury says hospital should pay $50 million for birth injuries

Massachusetts parents typically prepare for a childbirth by making doctor visits, preparing a nursery and buying baby supplies. For some, birth injuries can completely alter all expectations of life following a child's birth. Injuries can result in death, permanent injury, expensive medical treatment and a change of life for a family. One family has felt the effects of a birth injury for the last eight years, and a jury has awarded them a $50 million judgment for their past and future suffering and losses.

During labor, the first-born child of the mother began to suffer from a low heart rate. A low heart rate during delivery may indicate that a child is showing signs of distress. Despite the occasional deceleration, the doctor ordered the mother to be infused with Pitocin, which is a drug often given during labor to make the contractions stronger. Following the Pitocin infusion, the baby's heart rate continued to drop, and a routine Cesarean section was ordered.

Doctor error resulted in complicated custody case

Fertility specialists in Massachusetts and across the country have helped thousands of individuals over the years achieve becoming pregnant and giving birth to a child. Unfortunately, one mother discovered she gave birth to a child who did not carry her biological DNA due to a doctor error. Years later, the doctor continues to be scrutinized as he is still practicing medicine during his probation sentence

Two different women were due to be implanted with their embryos on the same day within the same hour. The doctor made the mistake of placing all of one patient's fresh embryos into another woman. After he realized the mistake, he attempted to cover it up by implanting the woman's frozen embryos instead of the fresh ones as planned. The physician altered paperwork in an attempt to cover up the mistake. 

Medical negligence: Parents awarded $130 million

Cerebral palsy is a medical condition that often occurs before birth, during birth or soon after. The condition occurs when a baby's developing brain suffers injury due to lack of oxygen. The condition can occur in numerous ways, and the severity of life-long symptoms can vary depending on circumstances surrounding the injury. Massachusetts parents may be interested in one family's recent medical negligence lawsuit that has resulted in a $130 million judgment.

Although the child was born before its due date, the child was medically stable to be discharged to home within 48 hours of its birth. Within two weeks of its birth, physicians discovered the child's kidneys were swollen, and it was diagnosed with a condition called hydronephrosis. By the time the baby was two months old, physicians also diagnosed the child with lupus. Following some tests and radiology scans, physicians were confident that the baby's heart was not affected by lupus or its kidney swelling. Physicians ordered a renal scan that required a small amount of radioactive dye to be injected into the baby's intravenous line.

Doctor error causes severe internal burn injuries to baby

Some medical procedures are common and may be performed by medical personnel on regular basis. Procedures or surgeries that occur on a regular basis are not without risks. Any adverse reaction or mistake that occurs during a simple procedure can result in permanent disability or further medical care. Massachusetts parents may be interested in one mother's claims that their lives have changed due to a doctor error during a routine procedure that was not expected to have complications.

The woman's daughter suffered from a common birth defect called laryngomalacia. The condition causes excess tissue or sagging tissue in a baby's airway making it difficult to breathe. The seven-month-old baby underwent a procedure to remove some of the tissue. She had undergone the procedure before with no reported issues. Unfortunately, physicians had to inform the baby's mother that an error occurred during the procedure.

Man claims medical malpractice resulted in his leg amputaiton

Most people are aware that an infection can result in a fever, fatigue and other unpleasant symptoms. Some may not realize that inadequate treatment and management of an infection can result in serious life-threatening conditions such as sepsis or gangrene. Patients in Massachusetts may be interested in one man's lawsuit against an urgent care doctor. The lawsuit is in another state and claims that the man suffered from medical malpractice resulting in his amputated leg.

The man noticed an open wound on the bottom of his foot and sought medical advice from a doctor at an urgent care. The doctor ordered some oral broad-spectrum antibiotics and sent the patient home. In many cases, broad-spectrum antibiotics work well on several types of bacteria, but in other cases, bacteria may require a specific antibiotic treatment. In order to know what antibiotic to use, many doctors use lab work and cultures of infection to make a treatment determination. The man's lawsuit claims his wound was not cultured and no other labs were drawn.

Jury awards $2.4 million to woman who suffered birth injuries

Despite advances in medical care, there still are risks with childbirth. Childbirth can result in injuries and harm to the baby, mother or both. One woman recently filed a lawsuit against her physician for the trauma and permanent damage she claims to have suffered following the birth of her child. Massachusetts women who have suffered similar birth injuries may be interested to learn that she was awarded $2.4 million for her pain and suffering in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the woman was artificially induced to give birth to her child. Her attorneys argued that the induction was premature and may have factored in the woman's uterine rupture. A uterine rupture is rare and is very dangerous for both the mother and the baby. The woman was sent to immediate surgery to try to repair her uterus. 


The federal government is issuing new Medicare cards to all Medicare beneficiaries. To prevent fraud and fight identity theft, the new cards will no longer have beneficiaries' Social Security numbers on them.

Failure to diagnose resulted in woman's permanent disabilities

Physicians use several tools to diagnose a patient, which may include a patient's information of symptoms, blood tests, physical exam and imaging tests. When there is a failure to diagnose a patient adequately and quickly, a patient's quality of life may be impacted. Massachusetts's readers may be interested in one woman's legal battle with a hospital who failed to diagnose her for a year, and she now requires around the clock care.   

The now 26-year-old woman visited the hospital when she was in college for unsettling symptoms that included a neurological hand tremor. Despite the tremor, the patient claims that physicians insisted that she was only suffering from anxiety and depression. As her symptoms progressed, the previously active college student began struggling with some of life's basic tasks such as smiling, talking, writing, seeing and cutting her food. After her mother persisted by insisting that further tests be performed, an MRI revealed that the woman was likely suffering from Wilson's disease, which results in the accumulation of copper in the brain and other vital organs.

Birth trauma: Mother claims hospital lost baby's remains

Many mothers in Massachusetts and across the United States are opting for more control in the birth and delivery of their children when possible. When care is not taken with the mother and the unborn child during delivery, mothers and babies can suffer serious physical and emotional birth trauma. Sadly, one couple in another state is claiming emotional distress after a hospital allegedly lost their deceased child's remains.

Due to developmental, genetic or unknown issues, some babies do not survive in their mother's womb until full term. For one mother, her child died at 24 weeks gestation, but she still had to be admitted to the hospital to safely deliver her child. Her child was delivered the following day after her admittance to the hospital.

Man claims doctor covered up mistake in medical malpractice suit

Immobility and pain can result in a serious impact on a person's quality of life. If an injury occurs due to the result of suspected medical malpractice, legal options may be available to improve a person's quality of life. Suffering patients in Massachusetts may be interested in another man's pursuit of legal recourse, following what he claims to be a botched surgery and attempted cover-up.

The 54-year-old man sought the medical advice of a neurosurgeon following an injury to his back in 2015. Following an MRI, the neurosurgeon recommended an operation to remove a concerning mass on the man's spine. The patient feared that the mass was cancerous and claims to have been told by his physician that removing it was emergent and important. Surgery was completed along with biopsies performed on the mass tissue.

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