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January 2016 Archives

What role does misidentification cause in doctor errors?

You likely already know by now how serious it can be if your personal financial information were mixed up with someone else’s, either intentionally or accidentally. You could end up with a nightmare trying to sort out the resulting tax and credit problems and possibly have to deal with identity theft. Is it possible for the same thing to happen with your medical records? Unfortunately, patient misidentification frequently occurs in hospitals and medical facilities in Massachusetts, as well as across the country.

$1.8 million settlement in failure to diagnose hydrocephalus case

In late 2015, Attorney Chris S. Dodig settled a medical malpractice claim for $1.8 million on behalf of a single mother and her young child from Berkshire County, Massachusetts. The case centered around allegations that a pediatric office failed to diagnose hydrocephalus, a dangerous medical condition that can cause brain injury. The claim alleged that the pediatrician and his staff took regular head circumference measurements, which over a period of months were increasingly above the 95th percentile for children of the same age, but failed to appreciate the significance of the increasing head size, a strong indicator of fluid buildup around the brain and hydrocephalus. The child was finally taken to a local emergency room where the correct diagnosis was made. The child required emergency surgery to place a shunt to drain fluid from around the brain. Attorney Dodig and the Donovan & O'Connor team argued the child suffered permanent brain injury because the hydrocephalus was allowed to progress without being properly diagnosed, delaying treatment.

Gastric bypass patients may suffer unexpected complications

Many people in Massachusetts and elsewhere who are hoping to get their weight under control opt for gastric bypass surgery. Surgery, in fact, may be an effective and lifesaving option for those with severe obesity. However, this type of surgery may also come with serious risks. Some of the complications of gastric bypass surgery may lead to chronic pain, worsened medical conditions or life-threatening situations.

Should you go to a Botox party?

You might have heard about Botox parties from your friends, co-workers or an invitation in the mail. If you think that a get-together to rejuvenate your features sounds like fun, you’re not alone – many people in Massachusetts and elsewhere have attended Botox parties. These social events have gained in popularity in recent years. Attendees may gather for wrinkle-reducing Botox injections at a doctor’s office or in someone’s home. The events are quite attractive because they generally cost less than Botox treatments at a cosmetic surgeon’s office and they promise to be fun, relaxed and casual.

Studies suggest tattoos may make it difficult to spot skin cancer

At the law office of Donovan & O'Connor, LLP, we know that cancer can sometimes be a difficult illness to diagnose. Skin cancer is no exception, although clues are often apparent on the skin, such as discolorations, lesions or abnormal moles. What if you have tattoos, though? Are you and other Massachusetts residents at an increased risk for a missed diagnosis of skin cancer if you are tattooed?

Are there any risks associated with wisdom teeth extraction?

You or your child might soon be preparing to have wisdom teeth removed – a procedure that is overwhelmingly common in the United States, including in Massachusetts. You will likely not have any post-operative symptoms much worse than some pain and swelling for a few days. However, there are some risks that you may want to be aware of.

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