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Are You Considering A Prenuptial Or Postnuptial Agreement?

A couple in the midst of wedding planning is usually focused on the upcoming festivities and marriage. Approaching your fiancé or fiancée with the idea of establishing a prenuptial agreement may initially seem counterintuitive to this joyous occasion. As you begin your married lives together, however, you should consider all possibilities. This can be particularly wise if you have been previously married, have children from a previous marriage or have significant property and assets.

Donovan O'Connor & Dodig, LLP, is a law firm that has been serving the Berkshires since 1913. We understand the tradition of marriage as well as the role that prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can serve.

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Protect Yourself In The Event Of A Divorce

At the end of the day, marriage is a legal agreement. Just as you would not enter a business relationship without a contract, there are many situations where you would not want to enter a marital relationship without a contract. It may be easier to arrive at the terms of the agreement now — while your relationship is strong — than at the end of the marriage during divorce proceedings.

A prenuptial agreement (established prior to the marriage) or a postnuptial agreement (established during the marriage) can provide directives regarding important financial matters, including alimony and property division. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements allow you to protect premarital assets and inheritances you may receive. Additionally, if you have children from a previous marriage or other heirs, you can preserve their inheritance in the event of a divorce.

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At Donovan O'Connor & Dodig, LLP, we provide comprehensive services in all areas of family law. While your marriage may not end in divorce, we can help you guard against risks associated with that possibility.

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