Pediatric Malpractice In Western Massachusetts And Southern Vermont

Nothing is more devastating to a parent than to have a child die or suffer a serious injury – particularly when the death or injury was preventable. While not every pediatric injury or death is caused by malpractice, doctors may fail to diagnose a child's symptoms, misdiagnose, delay diagnoses or make other critical errors. Pediatric malpractice can cause severe damage at an early age, and such medically negligent acts can have devastating consequences.

Some tragic examples of pediatric malpractice cases that our attorneys have handled result from misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of brain injury, meningitis, childhood cancer and hydrocephalus. Others involve birth injury, medication error, mismanaged infection, and failure to diagnose an illness or injury. When a medical professional's carelessness or negligence harms your child, a pediatric medical malpractice attorney can help.

Western Massachusetts And Vermont Medical Negligence Attorneys

Our lawyers, at Donovan O'Connor & Dodig, LLP, will help you find the answers you need by examining medical records, talking to witnesses and consulting medical experts. Often, a child will have to cope with the complications of malpractice for the rest of his or her life, and medical negligence laws allow victims of pediatric malpractice to seek compensation for their damages, including medical costs, pain and suffering and treatment associated with the injury such as additional surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy or long-term medical care. Our attorneys are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our clients. We bring decades of experience to the table when fighting for parents of children involved in pediatric malpractice cases.

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If your child has suffered from pediatric medical malpractice in Massachusetts or Vermont, our attorneys may be able to help. Contact one of our offices to schedule an appointment with an attorney. We have conveniently located offices and other meeting locations throughout Western Massachusetts and Vermont and regularly travel throughout the region to meet with clients. We offer a free initial consultation in all personal injury cases. You can reach us in Massachusetts at 413-346-5305, and in Vermont at 802-681-4687. You can also reach us toll free at 800-365-9913 or via email.

All cases are handled on a contingent fee basis — you will not have to pay any attorneys' fees unless we win compensation in your case.