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Making it through a divorce, at home and at work

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | Firm News

Going through a divorce may be the hardest thing that many couples in Massachusetts ever have to do. The emotional toll of a divorce is compounded by the fact that life’s other obligations do not stop while someone is going through a hard time. Though it is a challenge, there are certain steps that people can take to help them make it through their jobs while struggling on the home front.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, telling a supervisor when someone is going through a divorce may be helpful in the long run. A savvy businessperson should understand that a person is unlikely to perform at his or her best when dealing with a personal crisis, and it would make sense for that boss to keep certain higher-stress or last-minute tasks away from the person who is suffering. Even if a boss is not as supportive as one would like, it can still be better to tell a boss about what is going on in advance, rather than making excuses after the fact when an employee falls short on an assignment.

Whereas some people have no desire to work when they are depressed, others may throw themselves into their work as an escape. Though being a workaholic is not the worst of vices, it is still an addictive crutch that can prevent someone from truly healing and moving on from a divorce. Someone going through divorce should reach out to family and friends for support and work on trying to forgive oneself and the estranged spouse.

Emotional wellbeing is only one thing to consider during a divorce. Spouses who have been together a while and who own property may struggle to divide their marital property assets. A family law attorney can help try to reach a settlement agreement on a client’s behalf as well as negotiate with the other spouse regarding things like child custody so the client does not have to.