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Doctor error causes severe internal burn injuries to baby

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2018 | Doctor Errors

Some medical procedures are common and may be performed by medical personnel on regular basis. Procedures or surgeries that occur on a regular basis are not without risks. Any adverse reaction or mistake that occurs during a simple procedure can result in permanent disability or further medical care. Massachusetts parents may be interested in one mother’s claims that their lives have changed due to a doctor error during a routine procedure that was not expected to have complications.

The woman’s daughter suffered from a common birth defect called laryngomalacia. The condition causes excess tissue or sagging tissue in a baby’s airway making it difficult to breathe. The seven-month-old baby underwent a procedure to remove some of the tissue. She had undergone the procedure before with no reported issues. Unfortunately, physicians had to inform the baby’s mother that an error occurred during the procedure.

According to the lawsuit records, the airway tube that was allowing the baby to breathe during sedation slipped. The carbon dioxide laser that was being used in the procedure caught fire when it came in contact with her breathing tube. The fire caused damage to the baby’s airway, resulting in acute respiratory failure. The mother and father have filed a lawsuit and claim the hospital wants to discharge her to home although her daughter requires 24-hour nursing care.

Unfortunately, a small doctor error can result in significant stress, additional medical care and additional medical expenses for a patient or patient’s family. Families who are overwhelmed by the expenses of medical care may find hope through a civil lawsuit. Medical malpractice attorneys in Massachusetts can inform families of their legal rights and options to seek compensation to assist with finances.