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Warning signs of molar pregnancies

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Massachusetts residents who excitedly look forward to starting or adding to their families must also contend with concerns about problems that may occur during pregnancies. Symptoms like morning sickness may seem normal or even harmless but may not always be so. The need for proper prenatal care for expectant mothers cannot be overstated given that the lives of mothers and babies are at stake.

Morning sickness is just one of the symptoms associated with what is called a molar pregnancy. Molar pregnancies are not common but may happen in up to one out of every 1,000 gestations. These conditions feature eggs that are abnormally fertilized resulting either in the lack of development of an embryo or the development of an embryo that cannot survive because it has too many chromosomes.

Instead of developing a placenta that then feeds an embryo or fetus during pregnancy, a woman’s body develops cysts filled with fluid. Some of these cysts may even appear in vaginal bleeding and can be as large as the size of a grape. Such bleeding may most commonly be experienced in the first trimester of a pregnancy or even potentially into the second trimester. Elevated blood pressure may also be a warning sign.

Women who are concerned that their obstetricians have not taken action when they report some of the symptoms above may want to talk to an attorney. Learning about the different options for how to be protected may be helpful in times like these.

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