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Injuries from truck collisions

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

All motor vehicle accidents involve a risk of injury. However, the injury risks associated with a truck collision could be among the worst. Trucks are massively heavy vehicles that could inflict severe damage. Accident victims may sue in a Massachusetts Civil Court. The lawsuit could seek extensive compensation based on the injuries suffered.

Truck accident injuries

Various factors could contribute to the specific harm someone suffers in a truck collision. Whiplash and soft tissue damage are not uncommon, and it could be possible to suffer lacerations upon hitting the windshield or dashboard. Actually, the impact could cause even more severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries or fractures.

A broken neck or spinal damage are among the catastrophic injuries a victim might experience. A broken arm or leg would be less severe, but the pain could be intense, and recovery time may extend for weeks.

Truck crash dangers

Truck collisions can be different from other motor vehicle accidents in many ways. For example, a semi-truck might carry dangerous cargo that could become loose in a crash. A victim might suffer injuries from cargo falling off the truck. Exposure to harmful materials, including chemicals, is possible depending upon what the truck carried.

Anyone injured by a negligent truck driver could file a lawsuit to recover losses. The losses may include diminished earnings, medical bills and more. Often, the victim will seek an insurance settlement from the driver’s liability coverage.

Truck accidents sometimes have more than one negligent party. Another driver, the truck driver’s employer or a third party, such as a manufacturer or maintenance service, may face a liability claim. Victims might seek compensation from all those contributing negligence.