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What to do after a car accident in Massachusetts?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents can be jarring for even the most experienced Massachusetts drivers. If you remember to do these essential steps immediately after a car accident, it can make the aftermath go much smoother.

Check for injuries

Ensuring everyone’s safety takes priority over literally everything else. Before you go to help anyone else, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not injured yourself.

Look for blood anywhere on your body or in your immediate surroundings. Slowly move your limbs to see if anything hurts. If you feel like you can move around without pain, it’s safe for you to check on other passengers and drivers.

Other things to do

You should call the police even if no one is hurt, as your insurance company will probably want a police report. You can exchange information (name, phone number, insurance info) with the other driver while you’re waiting for the police to show up.

You want to document as much of the car accident as possible. You can do this by noting details in your phone that you remember and taking photos of all the damage. If there are witnesses, you’ll want to get their information for later.

You might feel compelled to express sympathy to the other drivers or passengers by saying sorry. It’s crucial to suppress that urge as it could be considered an admission of fault, regardless of whether it was yours or not.

Calling your insurance company

When the police come, they’ll take statements from everyone at the scene. They can also wait for you as you contact roadside assistance or arrange for someone to pick you up.

You should contact your insurance as soon as you can. You’ll want to forward the insurance company the documentation you took of the accident and keep them updated on repair costs and medical bills.