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Types of injuries from motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traumatic injuries can occur in almost any motorcycle accident in Massachusetts because there is very little protection for the rider. The most minor of these accidents often cause lost workdays while the most serious ones can require long-term care.

Road rash

When a motorcyclist lays down his bike, it can cause road rash. This skin abrasion can also occur when a rider is thrown from his bike. Infections and nerve damage can occur even with minor road rashes.


Motorcycle accidents can also cause fractures. The most broken bones are in the legs, but upper body bones can be broken. Additionally, riders may end up with torn muscles and tendons.

Head and neck injuries

Statistics show that riders of motorcycles with more powerful engines are more likely to experience head and neck injuries during a motorcycle wreck. They can cause life-changing issues like traumatic brain injuries and even cause death. Riders who refuse to wear helmets are likelier to have a head injury.

Spine injuries

The thoracic region is the most common part of the spine injured during a motorcycle accident. Spine injuries often are challenging to recover from, even after months of rehabilitation. That is why many motorcyclists must use a wheelchair and other mobility aids for at least a while.

Abdominal injuries

The average age of motorcycle riders continues to climb, and these riders are more likely to get abdominal injuries in a motorcycle accident. Lung lacerations, rib fractures, heart lacerations and vascular injuries are common.


Gas can easily leak out of a motorcycle’s fuel tank after an accident. If that fuel catches on fire, the motorcyclist can suffer severe burns.

Many types of injuries can result from a motorcycle wreck. Please ride responsibly.