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What you can do if your cancer diagnosis is delayed

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Failure To Diagnose

If you have suspicions that there is something wrong with your health, then tests can be performed in a Massachusetts health care facility to determine if there really is anything wrong. Sometimes, a misdiagnosis can be made that could result in delayed treatment and a shortened life expectancy depending on the severity of the type of cancer that you have. Here are a few options to consider.

Why was it missed?

Since some cancers can be difficult to diagnose because the tumor is too small or because it’s located in an area that causes it to blend in with other cells or areas of the body, a misdiagnosis isn’t out of the question. Sometimes, pathologists might not be able to clearly determine if cells are cancerous or not upon an initial examination. If further testing isn’t ordered or a doctor suspects that you might have cancer and doesn’t say anything, then a medical malpractice claim could be filed.

Second opinion

Even if you feel that your doctor has failed to properly diagnose any type of cancer that you might have, a second opinion is not a bad idea. Consider talking to an oncologist who can order specific tests to determine if you do have cancer and if it’s malignant or benign. Once you gain more information, then you can proceed with filing a claim if you feel that it’s warranted.


After you’ve received a clear cancer diagnosis, the next step is to get treatment. The claim that you file could include compensation so that you don’t have to pay for everything out of your pocket, especially if your doctor did fail to inform you of your options in the beginning.

Although cancer can sometimes be difficult to detect, you have a few options regarding this potentially life-changing situation if it’s misdiagnosed.