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Why semi-trucks can be dangerous on the road

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Trucking accidents are some of the most dangerous on the highway. Whenever an accident between a truck and a passenger vehicle results in a death, it’s the person in the passenger vehicle who loses their life nearly every time. Semi-trucks are dangerous because they’re massive, enormously heavy, difficult to stop, and much larger and heavier than the other vehicles on the road. Thousands of fatal crashes involving semi-trucks occur every year.

The causes of a semi-truck accident

Trucking accidents can be caused by a number of different factors. Some of the most common factors are bad weather conditions, like snow or ice on the road. These conditions are already dangerous for regular motorists, but massive semi-trucks are even more difficult to maneuver. Accidents can also be caused by human error, such as drunk driving, texting or talking on the phone while driving, driving over the speed limit or falling asleep at the wheel.

To reduce the frequency of semi-truck accidents, lawmakers have proposed a bill that require truck drivers to have double the amount of insurance. Proponents of the bill believe that it would help reduce the number of accidents and offer higher payouts to the families of people who lose their lives in an accident. However, critics argue that the bill would create added financial strain for the trucking companies.

How an attorney might help the victims of truck driving accidents

If an individual or their family member is the victim of a commercial truck accident, they might wish to speak with an attorney. An attorney may help their client determine if they can pursue the case in court. If the attorney believes a successful court case is possible, they may be able to help their client assess the damages and gather documentation as well as bring the case to court.