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Medical malpractice: Nursing home faces lawsuits

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2019 | Doctor Errors

Massachusetts residents often have to make the difficult decision to leave elderly or disabled loved ones in the care of a nursing home facility. Often, loved ones require more medical and physical care than some individuals can offer their loved ones in their own homes. Sadly, medical malpractice may occur in a nursing home with vulnerable patients suffering the consequences. One nursing home in another state has been reported for facing multiple lawsuits and accusations of inadequate care.

The nursing home faces more than one lawsuit for different patients. A recent lawsuit is classified as wrongful death. According to the lawsuit, the facility owner was involved in a motor vehicle accident while he was transporting three nursing home residents. Sadly, one of the residents suffered serious injuries and died more than a week later.

Another lawsuit accuses the facility of medical malpractice. The lawsuit claims that the facility provided inadequate care to a female resident, resulting in serious bed sores. The bed sores required treatment in a medical facility. Reportedly, the patient died from health complications related to the bed sores she acquired at the nursing home facility. According to records, the facility has paid thousands in fines for other health violations in the last five years.

Losing a loved one is understandably very difficult to process. It is certainly upsetting to learn that proper medical care and attention may have prevented the pain, suffering and death of a loved one. Massachusetts medical malpractice attorneys can discuss the circumstances of a case with a family and advise legal options, such as a lawsuit in civil court.