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Allegedly failed surgery leads woman to claim medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2017 | Doctor Errors

In the hands of conscientious, skilled Massachusetts physicians, surgery can be life-saving. Unfortunately, it can also be life-changing, and not always for the better, particularly if the surgeon is not careful or well-trained. In another state, a woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a medical facility and the physician there after an allegedly botched operation has left her suffering the consequences.

According to reports, in Nov. 2015, the plaintiff underwent a hysterectomy at Kingwood Medical Center. Unbeknownst to the patient, the surgeon in charge of the procedure had apparently only given the operation a 50 percent chance of success and noted as much in his notes. However, the patient alleges that she was never informed of this low likelihood of a positive outcome, complaining that the physician in charge failed to convey this information.

Instead, the lawsuit alleges, the surgeon went ahead and performed the operation negligently. In December of the same year, bleeding complications from the procedure led the plaintiff to seek medical attention at the same facility. However, she was discharged the very next day, allegedly with several EKG pads still attached and with an IV port still in her arm.

The woman claims she continues even now to suffer from complications resulting from the failed surgery, and has thus filed the lawsuit against both the allegedly negligent physician and his employer, Kingwood Medical Center, Champions and Care for Women OB/GYN. She seeks to hold the defendants responsible for not only failing to convey the procedure’s low chance of success, but also for negligently performing the operation. In addition to all court costs and legal fees, the plaintiff asks for damages within the jurisdictional limits with interest and additional relief as the court sees fit. In addition to physical and emotional pain and suffering, any damages awarded in successfully litigated medical malpractice suits often goes toward past and future medical expenses. Typically, the legal guidance and support of a Massachusetts attorney with experience in medical malpractice cases is the best — if not only — means of securing a positive outcome.

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