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Birth injuries lawsuit seeks $150,000 in damages

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2017 | Birth Injuries

Thankfully, most births in Massachusetts go off without a hitch. Mothers go through labor and delivery and are handed a healthy infant. Even when complications occur, the resultant birth injuries vary greatly in type and severity. Unfortunately, sometimes things are not as simple, and a doctor’s error or negligence one day can lead to a lifetime of health problems for the injured children and their families.

A recent lawsuit in another state alleges just such an incidence of physician negligence. The parents of the injured infant have filed a complaint against Temple University Hospital Inc., Temple Physicians Inc. and Temple University Health System. The suit also names the United States government as a defendant.

According to the lawsuit, the woman’s delivery of the infant was complicated due to shoulder dystocia. The complaint states that the baby was diagnosed after his birth with right brachial plexus palsy and that the condition is permanent. The plaintiffs wish to hold the defendants responsible for their alleged underestimation of fetal weight and size and their failure to diagnose macrosomia, which in turn led to a failure to perform a C-section delivery.

The plaintiffs are requesting compensatory damages to exceed $150,000. Often, a majority of any damages awarded in successfully litigated malpractice suits such as this one goes to pay for ongoing medical care and treatment costs for victims of birth injuries. While no lawsuit can bring back the health of an injured child, at least an experienced Massachusetts medical malpractice attorney can fight for justice and compensation so that these children can receive the treatment they need.

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