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Suit: Untimely diagnosis leaves woman unable to work

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2014 | Failure To Diagnose

Physicians spend years in school learning how to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. Many people in North Adams rely on their doctors’ years of training and experience to come up with accurate treatment plans. In some circumstances, catching a problem quickly will reduce the chance of further illness or pain. A delay in diagnosis not only prolongs symptoms, but it can also lead to extreme consequences.

The virus that causes cold sores can also lead to other complications, such as inflammation of the brain. A woman suffering from this condition, called herpes simplex encephalitis, sought the help of several physicians in order to diagnose the issue and relieve her symptoms. In a lawsuit filed in early May, the woman alleges that the doctors worked outside the standard of care, leaving her unable to work and with increased medical bills.

The suit seeks compensation for a variety of damages, including emotional distress, medical expenses, lost wages and the loss of enjoyment of life. Through failing to make a timely diagnosis, the woman notes that she did not receive the treatment she needed quickly enough. As a result, the lawsuit claims, her injuries were worse than they needed to be.

While it is imperative that doctors make accurate diagnoses, it is also important that they are made quickly. As this situation illustrates, individuals may suffer needlessly when a physician fails to diagnose or misdiagnoses an issue. Anyone who has endured additional pain and suffering as a result of a doctor error should immediately contact an attorney.

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