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Lawsuit claims medical negligence left man permanently disfigured

Most individuals, whether in Massachusetts or anywhere in the country, have relied on health care professionals from birth, trusting doctors' medical knowledge and experience to keep them and loved ones healthy. Sadly, sometimes that trust doesn't pan out and certain doctors -- through oversight, careless errors or just plain medical negligence -- fail to exercise the skill and standard of care expected of the medical community. A medical malpractice lawsuit in another state alleges just such carelessness.

A patient is suing his medical providers, claiming that their negligence resulted in his pain and suffering. The man recently filed a complaint naming as defendants a health care provider and two medical facilities, Wellness Center Inc. and Conforti Chriropractic. The plaintiff went to the defendants to receive treatment after a fall in an ice skating rink in the summer of 2015.

Girl with brain injury awarded $17M in medical malpractice case

Massachusetts residents entrust their well-being to physicians every day, relying on doctors' education and judgment to keep them healthy. Tragically, sometimes this trust is misplaced and the patient is left to pay a heavy price. In another state, a recent medical malpractice lawsuit involving a brain injury has attempted to address this issue, and while it cannot restore the victim's health, it can at least help make sure she will receive the care and treatment she needs.

The teenager suffered brain damage in 2008 at the age of 7. According to the civil complaint, the defendant took her off a ventilator too soon. According to the lawsuit, the girl was admitted to a medical center for treatment of her pneumonia approximately nine years ago. After undergoing surgery, she was placed on the ventilator.

Injured patient accuses therapist, clinic of medical negligence

Medical professionals are supposed to be just that: professionals. Patients in Massachusetts and across the country rely on their doctors, therapists and other medical providers to exercise a high standard of care. When a health care provider fails to meet this standard, any medical negligence often comes at a high cost indeed, and unfortunately, the cost is often that of human suffering.

In another state, for example, a case of alleged professional negligence has apparently resulted in serious back injuries to a woman, and she and her husband have decided to sue for compensation. The couple has filed a complaint alleging that, in Aug. 2016, the wife was undergoing physical therapy, where she was instructed by a therapist to perform squats on a half-moon ball. When she did so, she apparently fell backwards and landed on the floor, causing her to fracture her lumbar vertebrae.

Delay in diagnosis of cancer results in lawsuit

A cancer diagnosis for many Massachusetts individuals and families may seem like one of the most upsetting and worrisome situations imaginable. How much worse, then, to find out months after the fact that a physician's inaccurate or missed cancer diagnosis resulted in a life-threatening delay in treatment? Such a delay in diagnosis of any illness can be dangerous and costly, but in cases of cancer, it can be especially devastating.

In another state, a family has filed a lawsuit on behalf of their loved one alleging just such a failure to diagnose cancer. The lawsuit accuses both a physician and the facility Memorial MRI & Diagnostic LLC of negligence. The complaint claims that the physician at the facility negligently misread a scan for cancer.

The cost of a failure to diagnose cancer is often a human life

When Massachusetts doctors fail to promptly diagnose an illness, it may result in issues like a delayed recovery or unnecessary medical tests. A failure to diagnose cancer, though, often comes at a much higher cost: that of human life. When health care professionals do not accurately diagnose cancer in a timely manner, it can mean a delay in life-saving treatments until the cancer has progressed to such a stage that it is already too late.

Such a sad incident allegedly occurred in another state, and a lawsuit is attempting to hold several parties responsible. The recently filed complaint accuses NorthShore Evanston Hospital, NorthShore University Health System and NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center Inc. of negligence in a cancer diagnosis. The lawsuit, which also lists three doctors as defendants, was filed by two individuals and an independent estate administrator on behalf of the now-deceased patient.

Negligence suit filed after student-athlete's brain injury

Parents of student-athletes living in Massachusetts often worry about their children getting injured. Individuals who play full contact sports like football have to be especially careful because they run a higher risk of sustaining a head or brain injury.  Frequent headaches may be an indicator of a more serious injury.

This was the case for one freshmen football player. His mother took him to see a local pediatrician after he complained of headaches and nausea. He was first diagnosed with a virus. However, the headaches and nausea continued. A CT scan was ordered later in hopes of finding the reason for the headaches, and it revealed a cystic lesion.

Lawsuit alleges medication error resulted in liver failure, death

When prescribing medications, Massachusetts doctors should use all their years of training to make certain that the prescriptions they write will not only be effective, but safe. When treating physicians fail to take into consideration issues like counter indications and side effects, resultant complications can leave a patient worse off than before. In fact, a medication error can prove not just dangerous, but fatal, as seems to be the case in an incident in another state.

An individual has recently filed a lawsuit over the apparent medication-related death of a man. The plaintiff, a woman representing the estate of the deceased, has named a number of health care professionals as defendants in the complaint. The medical malpractice lawsuit accuses them of negligence, alleging that the defendants' medication errors led to the patient's death.

Claimant may be entitled to record Independent Medical Exams

Many auto-accident victims require physical therapy or the services of a chiropractor in order to recover from their injuries. These services can be expensive, but fortunately they are often covered by "PIP" (or Personal Injury Protection) benefits in an auto-insurance policy.

Woman alleges doctor error resulted in injurious medical test

Medical procedures and tests, though often necessary, are almost always uncomfortable and inconvenient, not to mention costly in terms of both money and time. Imagine, then, undergoing a procedure on the advice of a Massachusetts physician, only to find out later that said procedure not only caused significant physical harm, but wasn't actually necessary in the first place? In another state, this alleged case of doctor error is apparently exactly what occurred.

A woman is suing a physician and several health care facilities for their alleged negligence. According to the medical malpractice complaint filed last month, the woman suffered numerous bodily and nervous system injuries as a result of a procedure known as endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). ERCP involves the insertion of an endoscope to examine a patient's bile ducts.


Recently, Equifax reported a breach of security that may affect aver 140 million American consumers. Equifax is one of the three major credit reporting agencies and holds the sensitive personal information of approximately 820 million consumers, including social security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and (in some cases) driver's license numbers. In addition to accessing personal information, the credit card information of more than 200,000 people was stolen by the hackers.

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