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Woman alleges doctor error resulted in injurious medical test

Medical procedures and tests, though often necessary, are almost always uncomfortable and inconvenient, not to mention costly in terms of both money and time. Imagine, then, undergoing a procedure on the advice of a Massachusetts physician, only to find out later that said procedure not only caused significant physical harm, but wasn't actually necessary in the first place? In another state, this alleged case of doctor error is apparently exactly what occurred.

A woman is suing a physician and several health care facilities for their alleged negligence. According to the medical malpractice complaint filed last month, the woman suffered numerous bodily and nervous system injuries as a result of a procedure known as endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). ERCP involves the insertion of an endoscope to examine a patient's bile ducts.


Recently, Equifax reported a breach of security that may affect aver 140 million American consumers. Equifax is one of the three major credit reporting agencies and holds the sensitive personal information of approximately 820 million consumers, including social security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and (in some cases) driver's license numbers. In addition to accessing personal information, the credit card information of more than 200,000 people was stolen by the hackers.

Plaintiff alleges health problems caused by medication error

Most patients in Massachusetts -- or anywhere else, for that matter – follow their doctor's orders without hesitation, especially when it comes to taking prescription medication. Indeed, many people have little choice but to do so, as they rely on doctors' experience and training for their own health and well-being. For this reason, a medication error can prove dangerous, if not fatal, as a majority of patients would not recognize that a mistake had been made until it was too late.

In another state, a man recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging just such an error. The plaintiff is suing both a physician and the hospital where he is employed for prescribing the wrong medication, according to the official complaint. The individual claims that the defendants prescribed him Itraconazole instead of the intended drug, called Isoniazid.

Failure to diagnose cancer often comes at a high price

While the severity of the consequences depends upon the condition, any delay or failure in the diagnosis of an illness or disease essentially translates into a failure to get patients the medical treatment they need in a timely fashion. Residents of Massachusetts who know someone who has suffered from cancer – or who have undergone cancer treatments themselves -- are likely aware that, when it comes to cancer, a few months can make a big difference. A failure to diagnose cancer can come with a heavy price for patients, in terms of both money and health.

In another state, a woman alleges just such a failure. She has filed a complaint stating that, following a surgical procedure, she was incorrectly informed by health care professionals that she was cancer free. For this negligence, the woman is suing both the university health center where her surgery took place.

Birth injuries lawsuit seeks $150,000 in damages

Thankfully, most births in Massachusetts go off without a hitch. Mothers go through labor and delivery and are handed a healthy infant. Even when complications occur, the resultant birth injuries vary greatly in type and severity. Unfortunately, sometimes things are not as simple, and a doctor's error or negligence one day can lead to a lifetime of health problems for the injured children and their families.

A recent lawsuit in another state alleges just such an incidence of physician negligence. The parents of the injured infant have filed a complaint against Temple University Hospital Inc., Temple Physicians Inc. and Temple University Health System. The suit also names the United States government as a defendant.

Lawsuit alleges brain injury result of medical negligence

Medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider fails to meet a certain standard of care, resulting in injury or death to the patient. In other words, when a physician's mistakes or oversight cause serious harm or even death to a patient, that physician may be held liable for negligence, in Massachusetts or anywhere in the nation. In another state, a recent lawsuit alleges medical error caused a patient to suffer a brain injury.

Two guardians filed a complaint on behalf of a third individual, the patient who was injured due to the doctor's alleged negligence. These plenary guardians are suing a doctor and the emergency clinic where he was employee. The plaintiffs claim that the defendants failed to exercise necessary skills expected from medical providers and health care facilities, and failed to meet prevailing standards of good medical care.

Medical negligence in Massachusetts should not be ignored

In the medical field, negligence can refer to a broad range of acts by Massachusetts health care providers, encompassing any act or even failure to act that deviates from an accepted standard of care and results in harm to a patient. In another state, an alleged act of medical negligence by a surgeon resulted in serious injury to a woman. Sadly, in this case, the injuries sustained purportedly led to the patient's eventual death some months later.

A woman has filed a complaint on behalf of her deceased mother, alleging medical negligence on the part of a surgeon. According to the complaint, the patient was taking blood thinning medications. Had the surgeon reviewed the patient's medical charts, the suit alleges, he would have seen this fact and taken appropriate steps.

Homeowner may be liable despite "open and obvious" drop-off

Under the so-called "open and obvious danger" doctrine, it is generally understood that if you encounter a hazard that was plainly visible, decide to proceed, and then get hurt, you are responsible for your own injury and cannot blame anyone else. But that is not always the case, if you get hurt due to what may seem to be an open and obvious danger, it is important to talk to an attorney since what appears at first glance to be open and obvious may, in fact, not be.

Suit claims medical negligence led to preventable cardiac event

Doctors go through years of education -- and, in exchange, usually receive large salaries once they begin practicing -- to be able to recognize and treat health problems. Often, this medical training involves learning how to diagnose signs of impending illness in Massachusetts patients to prevent conditions from developing or worsening. How frightening, then, to imagine a scenario of medical negligence in which a trusted health professional might be too distracted or in too big of a hurry to prevent injury or save a life.

In another state, a malpractice lawsuit with just such allegations has been filed against a community medical center and the health care professionals who practice there. According to the claim, a woman suffered an avoidable cardiac event in 2016. Her husband believes that this cardiac arrest could have been prevented had it not been for the alleged medical negligence of three of the doctors at the hospital.

Birth trauma claim leads to $15M settlement

For many Massachusetts parents, the birth of their child is the happiest day of their lives. Sadly, this is not always the case, as sometimes the error or negligence of a health care professional during the birthing process results in a lifelong struggle for care when a child suffers birth trauma. In another state, a settlement was recently reached in a lawsuit involving such alleged traumatic birth injuries.

The $15 million settlement concerned a 6-year-old girl who suffered brain damage during her delivery. The birth trauma -- due to medical negligence, according to the lawsuit -- left the little girl with cerebral palsy. The suit alleged that the hospital's failure to act, despite signs of fetal distress, resulted in the child's permanent injury.

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