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How faulty heart pumps lead to medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

All kinds of complications could happen after heart pumps are implanted in the heart. However, medical malpractice cases occur in Massachusetts when the device stops working, the pump pumps blood insufficiently or some problem occurs as a result of a product defect. Problems with the heart pumps have led to claims of medical malpractice.

Malfunctioning heart pumps

There are natural complications that are included when using any type of medical device. However, some devices are designed or manufactured incorrectly and result in the development of medical problems. There are heart pumps that malfunction soon after being implanted and may stop working altogether.

Recently, researchers found manufacturing defects with the HeartWare heart pump. The FDA knew of these problems and failed to penalize the company, even after risky implantations were being made. The faulty device has been attributed to several deaths that could’ve been prevented if a different device were used.

Determining who is liable

The FDA is responsible for any malfunctions that occur with approved medical devices. However, the device manufacturer has to be sued for MED malpractice. Since HeartWare and Medtronic failed numerous inspections yet the device was still approved, this federal agency is responsible for any associated device-related deaths. They were required to force manufacturers to fix the problems instead of wanting them to do it voluntarily.

The results of when a medical device fails

It’s necessary to fix a heart device malfunction right away and receive the proper removal and replacement. Not every heart patient is fortunate enough to take action on time. Many victims of malfunctioning heart devices experience sudden death or irreversible heart damage. At the least, they can hold the FDA and the medical manufacturers accountable for their inactions.