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How to gauge if you have a serious injury in Massachusetts

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Serious Personal Injury

When you have experienced an injury in Massachusetts, it can be challenging to tell if that injury is severe right on the spot. While some serious injuries are quickly identifiable, some may start slowly and progress to become worse. Here’s how you can gauge if you have a serious injury.

1. Numbness or tingling sensation

This is usually one of the common signs of serious personal injury. If you feel a tingling sensation or numbness, then the nerve serving that area has been compressed or tampered with during the accident. If you feel like you have lost sensation, then seek medical assistance immediately.

2. Limited movement

After an accident, if you can’t move a part of your body like you used to, then that’s an indication of a serious injury. Limited range of motion is suggestive of a joint injury and could be accompanied by swelling in the area. The tendons, ligaments or muscles around the joint or that support that part of the body could be torn or strained.

3. Swelling

You may expect to see swelling rather easily when injured, but it can take time to develop fully. It occurs when blood (particularly the white blood cells) rushes to the injured area, resulting in inflammation and pain. Swelling will often cause a reduced range of motion due to the tightness or stiffness brought about by the accumulated blood.

4. Pain

If you feel pain in the joints of your wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles, or knees, then you could be suffering from a severe joint injury. Pain normally comes with swelling because the white blood cells that rush to the injured area release chemicals that cause pain. It is the body’s way of preventing you from further causing destruction to the injured part after an accident.

5. Tenderness

When you apply pressure to the injured area, and it appears to be soft than expected, then you have a problem. You can test the level of tenderness by comparing it to other parts of your body.

In Massachusetts, you can sue or receive compensation for any injuries caused at work, in a sport, or one caused by someone else’s negligence. However, seek medical help first before you go to court.