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Autumn driving can be dangerous

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving in the fall in Massachusetts can bring new challenges every year as the season changes. Because autumn is known for cooler temperatures without crowds of vacationers or the dangers of ice storms, it may seem like a safe driving season. However, the changes in weather and lifestyle that take place in the fall also require caution when you are behind the wheel.

Back-to-school dangers

Back to school means more cars on the road during peak hours and, in many cases, new drivers. Teen drivers may start taking themselves to school at the beginning of the academic year and may be more likely to drive friends and family. People may want to stay alert for inexperienced drivers in order to avoid dangerous motor vehicle accidents. New drivers are not the only concern in autumn, however. The change in seasons and the end of Daylight Saving Time also means that people will begin to do more of their driving in the dark. While only one-quarter of all driving takes place at night, 50% of all fatalities caused by traffic accidents occur during those hours.

Slick roads and falling leaves

The falling leaves that have come to symbolize autumn can also pose a danger to drivers. Leaves on the road can lead to slickness especially during rain. They may hide potholes or block drains, and cyclists may swerve into the road to avoid large piles and obstacles caused by leaves in the road. Other natural changes may also require some more attention during the autumn. Dampness, rain, frost, and fog can all make visibility more difficult and the roads slicker, posing a threat of potential car accidents.

Like any season, fall brings a number of concerns for drivers who want to avoid the costly bills and long-term injuries that accompany motor vehicle accidents. Alert driving and awareness of the dangers posed by natural obstacles and negligent behavior by other motorists can help people to avoid danger.