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Why do many truck accidents occur?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Some troubling and frightening facts emerge from statistics about semi-trucks. Although tractor-trailers represent a small fraction of vehicles on the road, they account for roughly 10% of fatal crashes. Every year, thousands of people lose their lives in Massachusetts and elsewhere due to truck accidents. While some accidents may be avoidable, others result from a truck driver’s inexcusable negligence. In these accidents, grounds may exist for a personal injury or wrongful death suit.

The risks posed by trucks on the road

Among the most problematic concerns drivers face is the potential damage resulting from a truck accident. A small car or compact SUV could suffer massive damage when hit by a truck. A truck’s size and weight might crush a smaller vehicle, leading to a potential fatality.

What may prove aggravating to victims and their families is the avoidable nature of so many truck accidents. Sadly, driver error frequently factors into accidents. Driver fault often takes the form of moving violations. Speeding and attempting to force drivers to change lanes through tailgating represent two common causes of truck accidents. Other traffic violations may lead to accidents, and breaking traffic laws could lead to claims of negligence.

Moving violations aren’t the only negligent actions a truck driver might perform. Several other negligent behaviors might cause an accident.

Other causes of truck accidents

Fatigue may dramatically increase the chances of an accident. A tired driver might not respond fast enough at a critical time. A driver could even fall asleep at the wheel. While there are federal rules imposing limitations on consecutive driving hours, some truckers ignore the rules. Fatigue could occur due to other factors, such as illness, so taking a lengthy break might not even have an effect.

Intoxicated truck drivers present massive risks on the road. A driver with a substance abuse problem may take to the road in an inebriated state. Doing so puts many lives at risk as does taking prescription drugs that may lead to drowsiness.

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks could lead victims devastated and in a difficult financial position. Taking legal actions may be unavoidable to cover medical expenses.