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Rural roads are often less safe than urban roads

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many drivers think that Massachusetts’ urban roads are more dangerous than rural roads. Outside of the cities, after all, there’s less traffic to contend with. But rural roads can be less safe for a number of reasons.

First, rural roads tend to have narrow lanes, making it more dangerous for drivers to pass a vehicle. Second, night driving is much more perilous due to the lack of lights, even street lights, in rural areas. Third, there are more animals out there, and many of them are unafraid of jumping out in front of unsuspecting drivers. Fourth, it’s harder for car crash victims to get immediate medical attention in these areas.

Then some drivers are inexperienced and think traveling through the countryside allows them to be more lax when it comes to, for instance, the speed limit. Other drivers, truckers in particular, may feel it’s alright not to wear a seatbelt. Still, others may drive intoxicated and feel they will not harm others on rural roads. What motivates all of them is, of course, the perceived absence of law enforcement in the countryside.

To stay safe of rural roads, drivers must be on the defensive. This means being extra alert and never assuming that other drivers are watching out for them.

If a driver exercised due caution but was still involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent motorist, legal action may be warranted. A crash victim might consider filing a third-party insurance claim, but they may want a lawyer to first give them advice and guidance. The attorney could be especially helpful when the time comes for negotiations.