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Semitruck crashes have many causes

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Uncategorized

The roads that stripe this country were designed to improve safety, but each driver has a direct impact on this. Large semitrucks pose a significant risk to smaller vehicles, so these drivers need to be especially careful as they drive down the highways and roads.

Crashes between 18-wheelers and passenger vehicles can leave the victims with catastrophic injuries, which can involve the spinal cord or brain. The factors that cause these wrecks vary greatly.

Tight deadlines

Trucking companies may promise clients quick delivery times. Drivers have to meet these, so they might drive in an unsafe manner. Fatigue can become an issue if they are driving long distances or trying to push themselves to drive as far as possible per shift. Truckers must comply with the Hours of Service regulations, so they have a maximum number of hours they can drive each day. Mandatory rest periods are also part of the rules. Together, these aim to reduce the chance of fatigued trucking.

Distracted truckers

Keeping in touch with family members, reviewing delivery instructions, checking GPS, grabbing something to eat and even looking at billboards can distract truckers. Just like any driver, truckers can’t react appropriately when they have things distracting them. Anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle must give their full attention to the road.

Failing to follow traffic laws

Speed limits and traffic control measures ensure traffic is moving safely. Truckers who fail to abide by these can cause accidents. Some weather conditions require speeds slower than the posted limits. Driving too fast in the rain or snow increases the stopping distance dramatically, which can make it difficult for big rigs to stop.

Improper cargo securement

Cargo must be secure on the truck. If it isn’t, it can shift and cause the trucker to lose control. In some cases, it can slide or fly off the truck. All of these can cause wrecks that impact innocent parties.

Defective equipment or maintenance

All components of the semitruck must work adequately or safety issues can occur. Faulty parts or lax maintenance can lead to failure of critical components. For example, brakes failing can mean that the trucker might slam into the vehicle in front of them.

The cause of the semitruck crash can affect your claim for compensation. Your case seeks to hold the liable party, whether this is the trucker, trucking company or component manufacturer, accountable for the damages you suffer due to your injuries.