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Mother accuses hospital of medical malpractice for lab error

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Doctor Errors

Learning about a pregnancy can be surprising, emotional and exciting.  One woman in another state found out about her pregnancy in an unconventional manner. Following the birth of her son, she has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit for the resulting injuries her son suffered from the treatment she received during her pregnancy. Mothers in Massachusetts may be interested to learn about her civil lawsuit.

The woman was admitted to the hospital to have a tubal ligation performed. Tubal ligations are most often used to prevent future pregnancies and cannot be performed if a woman is already pregnant. A urine pregnancy test performed prior to the procedure was allegedly incorrectly read as negative. Upon beginning the procedure, the physician noticed that the woman’s uterus was not in a normal non-pregnant state and had another pregnancy test performed. The woman’s second test resulted in a positive pregnancy result.

Following the second positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound was performed to reveal the woman’s 18-week pregnancy. The woman was discharged to home only to return two days later with vaginal bleeding. Sadly, the woman’s son was born premature weeks later with health complications. The boy was hospitalized for the first three months of his life, and he is expected to continue to have health complications and developmental delays for the rest of his life.

Long hospital stays, therapy for a child’s development and medical expenses can be overwhelming for a new mother and family. When evidence exists that medical malpractice or errors may have contributed to unexpected medical needs and treatment, patients and families may be able to file a lawsuit in civil court. Massachusetts families may find some financial relief if a civil lawsuit results in financial compensation for the suffering endured.