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Medical malpractice may have lead to tragic death of young boy

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | Doctor Errors

When going to a health care provider, people in Massachusetts and elsewhere probably have the expectation of receiving quality care that meets certain standards. It can be devastating for someone to suffer from health complications as the result of doctor error, medical negligence or other preventable factor. Sadly, instances of medical malpractice can be quite serious or even fatal for the patient.

A family is moving forward with a lawsuit against a dental facility after the tragic loss of their toddler son last year. The family alleges that the death of the two-year-old was the result of medical negligence, and they are seeking appropriate financial damages through their civil claim. The boy passed away after he underwent a procedure for root canals.

The lawsuit claims that the dental clinic only evaluated the boy two times before they recommended the procedure, and they were not fully informed of everything when they consented. Instead of a doctor talking to the parents about the procedure, it was a person who was not truly qualified to explain everything. During the procedure, an oxygen alert was silenced when it went off, and the young boy was not attended to in recovery.

The parents claim that the business model for the Kool Smiles dental clinic played a role in what happened to their boy. The clinic is set up to see as many patients as possible, which may lead to mistakes, improper monitoring and the possibility of complications from medical malpractice. The law allows for victims of medical errors and grieving loved ones to seek compensation for their suffering and financial losses, and it may be beneficial to discuss a person’s individual case with a Massachusetts legal profession in order to learn about all available options.