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Family claims medical malpractice with woman’s care

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2019 | Doctor Errors

Hearing that a loved one has made it through surgery is an enormous relief. Unfortunately, making it through surgery is only part of the process. Recovery and aftercare is an important part of the success rate of any surgery. Massachusetts readers may be interested in one family’s recent medical malpractice lawsuit alleging negligence in the care of their wife and mother.

The family reported that the patient was in relatively good health when she began experiencing shortness of breath. Doctors diagnosed the woman with aortic insufficiency, which required surgery on her aortic valve to improve the symptoms. Although the woman made it through the surgery, her family has accused the hospital of providing inadequate care in the days following her operation, which they believe ultimately resulted in her death.

The family claims that the patient was assigned a new graduate nurse who asked concerning questions about the patient’s care, as if she was unaware of how to appropriately care for the patient. In addition, the patient had a chest tube that became kinked, resulting in a malfunction and blood loss for the patient. The blood loss may have been prevented if the required scheduled checks of the tube had been completed. To make matters worse, the patient was given a medicine that was a known allergen, and she was transfused with the wrong type of blood. An evaluation by another hospital diagnosed the patient with sepsis and organ failure as a result of her significant blood loss during and after surgery.

Sadly, the family will never know if the patient would have survived had her care following surgery been thorough. The family’s lawyers claim that the recent lawsuit is not about a dollar amount, but rather, it is more about exposing the insufficiency in the patient’s medical management. Sadly, medical malpractice attorneys in Massachusetts know that there are other similar cases of negligence and tragedy. Attorneys are ready and skilled to assist a family with exploring their own legal options.