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Medical malpractice: Woman claims her DNR order was ignored

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2018 | Doctor Errors

Making a decision for an individual’s end-of-life care is personal and often difficult. Some individuals strongly believe in trying every medical option until the final moment of life. Others make the spend their final days as naturally as possible, and may legally inform their loved ones and health care providers through a do not resuscitate order in the event of cardiac arrest. Massachusetts residents may be interested in one woman’s recent medical malpractice lawsuit filed over a hospital’s disregard of her DNR order following a cardiac arrest.

The woman suffers from a disease called Decrum’s. The disease process results in tumors throughout an individual’s body, often causing significant pain. Many individuals with the disease need frequent medical care for pain control. It was a visit to the emergency room for pain control that resulted in the woman’s current circumstances and recent lawsuit.

The lawsuit states that the woman is allergic to a pain medicine called Dilaudid, but despite her allergy, medical professionals administered the drug to the patient. Because of her allergy, she suffered a cardiac arrest. Medical professionals began resuscitation measures to revive the woman despite her DNR order that the lawsuit claims was a part of her medical record. As a result of the unwanted resuscitation, the woman claims to suffer additional pain, discomfort and expensive medical bills.

Unfortunately, when medical professionals make an error, it is the patient who suffers the most. As in this patient’s case, unplanned medical expenses, pain and suffering can result following a medical error. Massachusetts medical malpractice attorneys can assist individuals with understanding their options for legal recourse.