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Man accuses nurse and hospital of medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2018 | Doctor Errors

Patients place their lives and health in the hands of Massachusetts healthcare providers every day. Patients must trust that health care providers are providing the best care and advice about treatment. When that trust is broken and medical malpractice occurs, it can be difficult for patients to suffer any resulting consequences. One man in another state claims he is the victim of malpractice and now suffers an incurable illness.

While being treated for another medical condition, the man was diagnosed last year with Hepatitis C. Upon further investigation, it is the same strand, genotype 2b, that is connected to a nurse who cared for him several years prior. The nurse and hospital he or she worked for is also involved in a lawsuit in which another patient accused the nurse of exposure to Hepatitis C.

The man has filed his own lawsuit for similar accusations. While he visited the emergency room in 2011, he was administered morphine on two separate occasions by the same nurse involved in the other lawsuit. The hospital that employed the nurse is also named in the lawsuit for not preventing the nurse from tampering with medications, the reuse of needles and exposing patients to a disease. The hospital has denied the claims of the lawsuit and has officially disputed the claims.

A patient can suffer serious personal injury, death or the need for additional medical care, following medical malpractice. Additional medical care can cost patients thousands of dollars, a change in the quality of life and the potential loss of income if work is missed. Some patients are able to recover financial losses through a medical malpractice lawsuit. Experienced Massachusetts attorneys can advise a client on his or her options for legal recourse.