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Jury says hospital should pay $50 million for birth injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | Birth Injuries

Massachusetts parents typically prepare for a childbirth by making doctor visits, preparing a nursery and buying baby supplies. For some, birth injuries can completely alter all expectations of life following a child’s birth. Injuries can result in death, permanent injury, expensive medical treatment and a change of life for a family. One family has felt the effects of a birth injury for the last eight years, and a jury has awarded them a $50 million judgment for their past and future suffering and losses.

During labor, the first-born child of the mother began to suffer from a low heart rate. A low heart rate during delivery may indicate that a child is showing signs of distress. Despite the occasional deceleration, the doctor ordered the mother to be infused with Pitocin, which is a drug often given during labor to make the contractions stronger. Following the Pitocin infusion, the baby’s heart rate continued to drop, and a routine Cesarean section was ordered.

Following the baby’s delivery, it was clear that the baby was stressed during delivery and lacking oxygen. According to records, he was limp and blue, and an MRI later confirmed brain damage. The child is now an 8-year-old boy diagnosed with cerebral palsy. His mother reports that his vocabulary consists of 30 words, his motor skills are limited and he continues to require routine therapy. A jury agreed that a doctor erred in his judgment by not delivering the child sooner by a C-section and awarded the family $50 million.

Sadly, many mothers and babies suffer birth injuries during childbirth. Massachusetts medical malpractice attorneys can examine a patient’s case and advise if a lawsuit is a possibility. When compensation can be achieved from presumed negligent parties, it can assist with necessary medical care and therapy.