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Doctor error resulted in complicated custody case

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2018 | Doctor Errors

Fertility specialists in Massachusetts and across the country have helped thousands of individuals over the years achieve becoming pregnant and giving birth to a child. Unfortunately, one mother discovered she gave birth to a child who did not carry her biological DNA due to a doctor error. Years later, the doctor continues to be scrutinized as he is still practicing medicine during his probation sentence

Two different women were due to be implanted with their embryos on the same day within the same hour. The doctor made the mistake of placing all of one patient’s fresh embryos into another woman. After he realized the mistake, he attempted to cover it up by implanting the woman’s frozen embryos instead of the fresh ones as planned. The physician altered paperwork in an attempt to cover up the mistake. 

After an investigation, the women became aware of the mistake and their shared children with the same DNA. The biological parents felt linked to the child incorrectly implanted and fought a long, lengthy battle to gain access to their child. For years, the doctor’s medical license was suspended, but it has recently been re-instated on specific conditions. He has most recently been accused of forging letters, claiming that he is currently practicing medicine.

Both families can likely attest to the emotional and financial strain that they have suffered due to this mistake. Patients in Massachusetts who feel they have suffered unnecessarily as a result of a doctor error may find some solace in filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Successful lawsuits may yield compensation for victims to help with any related expenses.