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Jury says hospital responsible for girl’s medical negligence

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Doctor Errors

The vertebrae in the human body serves the purpose of protecting the important spinal cord. When there is a compromise in the spine, it is physically and/or mentally disabling for a person. Some generative disorders result in children suffering deformities of their spine and being at risk for injury. Massachusetts patients may be interested in one young woman’s lawsuit filed due to alleged medical negligence and her recent civil court verdict in her favor.

When the now 17-year-old girl was the age of 10, doctors decided she was in need of a surgery. The surgery was intended to correct a curvature of her spine and the negative symptoms she was experiencing. During the surgery, rods were placed near her spine to stabilize it. Following the surgery, she did not experience relief from the negative symptoms, but she instead began suffering new and worsening symptoms.

Following surgery, the girl suffered weakness in her arms, legs and loss of control of her bodily fluid functions. After a different surgeon determined the new rods were likely the culprit of her new symptoms, she underwent another surgery for the rods to be removed. Following the surgery, some of her symptoms improved, but some symptoms became a permanent part of her life. She and her family filed a lawsuit against the medical center, and a jury recently agreed that she suffered medical negligence. The girl was awarded $135 million for her suffering.

Unfortunately, medical negligence is not uncommon and sometimes can be detrimental to a person’s quality of life. Injuries due to medical mistakes can be costly for a patient and may prevent the inability of, or limit options to, earn an income. Massachusetts patients who suspect they may have suffered unnecessary injuries due to doctor error may find hope and options after speaking with a medical malpractice attorney.