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Bill Paxton’s family accuses doctor of medical negligence

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2018 | Doctor Errors

No matter who a person is or the social status he or she holds, unexpected tragedy can be experienced. If the actions of another person results in a tragedy, it can be particularly hard for a family to cope with the unnecessary loss.  Massachusetts residents may be interested to learn that Bill Paxton’s family members have suffered their own tragedy and have accused his surgeon of medical negligence following the actor’s death last year.

Bill Paxton is an actor commonly known for his role in the popular movie “Apollo 13.” Approximately a year ago, he had a surgical procedure to repair an aortic aneurysm. Unfortunately, the operation did not go as planned, and Paxton suffered several complications including excessive bleeding, cardiac shock, right ventricular dysfunction, compromised right coronary artery and a stroke.

Sadly, Paxton’s condition did not improve in the 11 days that followed his operation, and he died. His wife and children have since accused the physician of acting out of his scope of practice and have filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The family feels that Paxton was not properly informed of the risks involved in the surgery, and they have additionally accused the physician of using an unconventional method which may have resulted in his death.

Any unexpected death can result in understandable distress and grief. In cases where medical negligence is suspected, families may also experience anger. Many Massachusetts families find it comforting to understand their legal rights to seek documented emotional and financial losses in civil court. A verdict in favor of a plaintiff will not replace the loss of a loved one but may help a family cope. 

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