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Delay in diagnosis of cancer results in lawsuit

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2017 | Failure To Diagnose

A cancer diagnosis for many Massachusetts individuals and families may seem like one of the most upsetting and worrisome situations imaginable. How much worse, then, to find out months after the fact that a physician’s inaccurate or missed cancer diagnosis resulted in a life-threatening delay in treatment? Such a delay in diagnosis of any illness can be dangerous and costly, but in cases of cancer, it can be especially devastating.

In another state, a family has filed a lawsuit on behalf of their loved one alleging just such a failure to diagnose cancer. The lawsuit accuses both a physician and the facility Memorial MRI & Diagnostic LLC of negligence. The complaint claims that the physician at the facility negligently misread a scan for cancer.

Allegedly, in Sept. 2015, the patient’s primary caregiver requested an abdominal CT scan to check for tumors. The results of the scan were presented to a physician at Memorial MRI & Diagnostic LLC for review. The lawsuit claims that this physician inaccurately interpreted the scan, negligently failing to see the cancerous tumor on the patient’s appendix. By the following July, a subsequent scan revealed that the tumor had increased in size, with additional testing revealing that the tumor was, in fact, a malignant form of appendiceal cancer.

Not only did the patient and his family suffer physically and emotionally, citing mental anguish and loss of consortium in the lawsuit, they also suffered financially from medical expenses and other financial losses. The plaintiffs are seeking monetary relief in an amount greater than $100,000 in addition to other relief. In cases similar to this in Massachusetts, patients and their families may benefit from seeking the experienced legal counsel of a medical malpractice attorney. When a delay in diagnosis or a negligent physician’s failure to make an accurate diagnosis results in pain and suffering, a lawyer can help injured victims fight for justice and compensation.

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