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Failure to diagnose cancer often comes at a high price

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | Failure To Diagnose

While the severity of the consequences depends upon the condition, any delay or failure in the diagnosis of an illness or disease essentially translates into a failure to get patients the medical treatment they need in a timely fashion. Residents of Massachusetts who know someone who has suffered from cancer – or who have undergone cancer treatments themselves — are likely aware that, when it comes to cancer, a few months can make a big difference. A failure to diagnose cancer can come with a heavy price for patients, in terms of both money and health.

In another state, a woman alleges just such a failure. She has filed a complaint stating that, following a surgical procedure, she was incorrectly informed by health care professionals that she was cancer free. For this negligence, the woman is suing both the university health center where her surgery took place.

Per the official complaint, the woman sought medical care and treatment for breast cancer from the university specialists in 2015. In December of that year, she underwent a mastectomy. At that time, the university medical staff allegedly failed to detect the malignant lymph nodes and told the woman she was free of the disease.

The lawsuit claims that this incorrect diagnosis meant a delay of almost two months before the woman received a second surgery to treat the cancer remaining in her body. It also allegedly translated into expenses of over $26,000, both for the surgery and other related costs. The woman is seeking compensation in the form of actual and special damages along with interest and all legal fees. Residents of Massachusetts who may find themselves in a similar situation, suffering due to a health care professional’s failure to diagnose cancer, may benefit from discussing their legal options for justice and compensation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

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