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Failure to make an accurate diagnosis can be life-threatening

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Failure To Diagnose

When it comes to serious health conditions, sometimes a prompt diagnosis can make all the difference in the outcome. A delay or a failure to make an accurate diagnosis could, in some cases, be life threatening or even fatal. Every day, hundreds – if not thousands – of residents of Massachusetts rely on the professional medical training of health care professionals to ensure their well-being; sometimes, though, that faith in doctors is unfortunately misplaced, as appears to be the case in another state.

A man has recently filed a medical malpractice suit against two doctors and a medical facility alleging their failure to diagnose his stroke. According to the complaint, the man began experiencing stroke-like symptoms and was taken via ambulance to a medical center. There, the stroke team was alerted on behalf of the plaintiff.

However, the suit alleges that one of the physicians on the stroke team did not come to the hospital until 15 hours had passed after the plaintiff’s arrival. Per the complaint, the other doctor on the stroke team misdiagnosed the patient’s condition as a transient ischemic attack. The suit claims responsibility on the part of the defendants for their alleged failure to provide treatment or offer early intervention, either of which could have positively affected the patient’s outcome.

To hold the defendants accountable for their negligence and errors, the plaintiff has requested a trial by jury. In addition to legal fees, the suit is seeking compensatory damage and any further relief as the court sees fit. For residents of Massachusetts who have similarly suffered from a health care professional’s failure to make an accurate diagnosis in a timely manner, the counsel and representation of an attorney with experience in medical malpractice can be key to successfully pursing justice. 

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