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Types of brain injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2016 | Brain Injuries

Most Massachusetts residents have heard about people who suffer head trauma. This can happen due to many different factors. Accidents on the sports field, in a car or elsewhere can result in brain injuries. Deprivation of oxygen to the brain can leave people with long-term function loss. Medical conditions or events like strokes can also cause permanent damage to the brain. Understanding some of the types of brain injuries that are possible is important.

WebMD explains that there are two types of traumatic brain injuries. One is referred to as an acquired brain injury. This is something that is caused by another condition like a tumor. A traumatic brain injury is caused by trauma, as the name indicates. While related, congenital brain damage or damage that occurs due to birthing trauma or errors is not considered in the same family of brain injury as acquired or traumatic brain injuries.

When determining the severity of a brain injury, doctors evaluate the motor skills, verbal skills and eye abilities of a patient. The person is given what is called a Glasgow Coma Score. According to the Brain Injury Association, the GCS ranges from a low of three to a high of 15. On the low end, patients may be in severe comas or at or near death. People with scores nearer to 15 have sustained less damage but still require care and monitoring.

Any type of brain injury requires proper medical attention. This often includes prompt medical attention. Failure to respond to brain trauma in a timely and appropriate manner can have serious and negative lifelong results for patients.