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Birth-related injuries to moms can have long-term effects

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2016 | Pregnancy-Related Injuries

For people in Massachusetts, having a baby should be a joyous thing. The anticipation of the nine months of pregnancy finally comes to fruition and parents get to meet their new love. While caring for the needs of the new baby becomes a priority, moms also need to focus on their health. This is in part what they look to their doctors to do. However, that may not always happen.

Research done in 2015 at the University of Michigan evaluated a group of postpartum mothers seven weeks after their babies were born. Imaging showed that more than 40 percent of the women had torn muscles in their pelvic floor. Nearly 30 percent had fractures in their pubic bones. None of these conditions had been identified prior to the research. What types of problems can result from these situations? Urinary or even bowel incontinence, painful sex and even pain that lasts throughout the day can all be experienced by women after childbirth. It is important to note that these problems can happen in women who had c-sections as well as those had vaginal births.

It is routine in America for women to be checked by doctors six weeks after giving birth. However, many problems are not identified then because they are not looked for. Internal organs receive the most attention, leaving women to fend for themselves. Many suffer for weeks, months or even years due to their pregnancy- and birth-related injuries.

Women who experience health problems after having babies may wish to talk to an attorney for help. This may provide guidance on what to do when a doctor does not identify a problem.


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