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Woman rendered infertile after erroneous surgery

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2016 | Doctor Errors

Massachusetts residents want to be able to trust their doctors and other health care providers. The ability to do so should be considered almost a right, not even a privilege. Sadly, there are too many times when this trust is nowhere to be found because it has either not been earned or because it has been violated.

A woman in Connecticut and her husband have good reason to be skeptical of medical professionals after a surgical error five years ago left the woman infertile. The incident occurred when the woman was only 28, in her prime child-bearing years. An initial visit to the doctor for pain in her pelvic region saw the patient sent home with a course of antibiotics. A few months later, the woman was in severe pain again. This time, surgery was selected.

Her doctor first removed the woman’s appendix as that was potentially the source of the problem. In addition, her right fallopian tube was going to be looked at to see if a mass could be drained. Incorrectly, the doctor snipped the left fallopian tube, severing it. A different doctor eventually completed the necessary procedure on the right tube. A jury has awarded the woman $1.3 million in damages while also awarding some damages to her husband.

Financial compensation after a medical error cannot always undo the harm caused. However, it can allow people to heal and move forward somewhat. Massachusetts residents who have suffered in this way may wish to talk with a lawyer.


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