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Complications from breech presentation may harm infant

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Birth Injuries

There is always the possibility of an unborn child presenting in a breech position during an otherwise normal pregnancy. When this is the case, doctors will usually inform the parents that a cesarean section is the safest method of delivery. Unfortunately, like many complications during pregnancy and the delivery process, there may be unforeseen problems that can lead to a medical mistake and a tragedy for Massachusetts parents.

What is so dangerous about a fetus being in the breech position? According to the American Pregnancy Association, the mother may have difficulty delivering a breech baby’s head last, after the legs and torso. Breech babies may also have difficulties with the umbilical cord or placenta during birth.

Many OB-GYNs will first attempt to turn the baby head down before suggesting a C-section. The process, called external cephalic version, is successful about 58 percent of the time. However, states WebMD, it is not without risks. During the version procedure, the umbilical cord might be squeezed or twisted, or the placenta could be damaged. There is a slight risk for premature labor, uterine rupture or bleeding in the mother that mixes with the unborn baby’s blood. The procedure is conducted in a hospital in case complications require an emergency C-section.

In many cases, correcting a baby’s breech position or performing a cesarean section results in a safe delivery. However, there may be additional problems if the doctor has failed to diagnose a birth defect or a health condition in the mother. Birth injuries may result when labor and delivery do not go as planned, especially in an emergency situation.