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Concussions can be more serious than people think

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2015 | Brain Injuries

Concussions are a common type of brain injury that may be caused by numerous activities or accidents. Massachusetts residents may get a concussion from being in a car accident, falling off a bicycle, playing sports or slipping and falling. These head injuries are often more serious than people might think. It is also possible for a doctor to misdiagnose brain trauma or give the wrong treatment, possibly leading to long-term complications.

It may help to understand the severity of a concussion. According to the Mayo Clinic, even a mild concussion may have lasting effects that could lead to permanent disability. If someone is recovering from a concussion and receives another one soon after the first injury, he or she may face life-threatening conditions. This can occur if the patient regularly plays high-impact sports, such as football.

The symptoms of a concussion often include the following:

  • A pervasive headache
  • Confusion or difficulty concentrating
  • Loss of memory
  • Feeling nauseous or vomiting
  • Disturbances in vision
  • Irritability or being easily distracted

There may be brain cell damage resulting from a concussion that is difficult or impossible to detect on a CT scan, leading to a missed or delayed diagnosis.

Concussions are particularly difficult to diagnose in children. Potentially, a child who has had a brain injury may be cleared by a doctor to continue playing sports before he or she should resume activity. Also, it is common for parents to discount the severity of concussions, states U.S. News. Only about half of those who suspect they or their children might have a concussion actually seek medical treatment.

It is important for those who have suffered a head injury, even a seemingly mild one, to understand that a bump on the head may be more serious than a bruise anywhere else. It is just as crucial that physicians properly diagnose a concussion so patients receive the proper treatment.