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Suit: Negligent medics, door jam result in pregnant woman’s death

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2014 | Pregnancy-Related Injuries

When a woman becomes pregnant, there are often strict rules she is expected to follow when it comes to activities and diet. Similarly, there are guidelines in place that physicians should adhere to in terms of prenatal and other medical care of North Adams expectant mothers. Women who experience deviations to those rules may find themselves with pregnancy complications, as they may be especially vulnerable to physical ailments. As one incident illustrates, mishandling an emergency with a pregnant woman can have devastating results.

A Philadelphia man is now raising his brain-damaged firstborn child without his wife, and a lawsuit alleges the injury and death occurred due to several negligent actions. In 2012, the pregnant woman fell inside her parents’ home. Her family called 911, and they reportedly told paramedics several things about her medical history, including that she suffered from deep-vein clotting and had suffered from asthma and blood clots in the past.

The paramedics did not bring oxygen equipment into the home, according to the suit, and did not give the woman oxygen until she was outside on the gurney. She was then placed in an ambulance and taken to the hospital. Upon arriving at the facility, the ambulance’s door jammed, further delaying the woman’s care. She passed away and her child, who was born via a Cesarean section, suffered brain damage.

While the president of a local firefighters’ union said the paramedics are excellent, the suit alleges they were unprofessional. Both medics were suspended without pay in connection with the incident. People who suffer a loss due to medical negligence should contact an attorney in order to discuss filing a malpractice suit. The damages recovered may cover the cost of medical bills, funeral expenses and other associated items.

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