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Infant’s death sparks concern over midwifery practice

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2014 | Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Many pregnant women spend hours researching all things related to having a baby, from which crib to buy to whether or not to use cloth diapers. A number of North Adams expectant mothers will also devote a pregnancy to considering options for the safe delivery of the child. Even when every angle regarding comfort and safety has been considered, there are still incidents that have adverse outcomes.

A grieving woman said she hopes that the tragedy that struck her family will help others make responsible decisions regarding delivering a baby. In 2012, the woman went to a birth center to have her son, who was in a breach position. During delivery, the infant became stuck and suffocated to death. The family filed a lawsuit and received a default judgment of $5 million when the attending midwife failed to show up in court.

The facility is now closed, though the other midwives who worked there still practice. According to the attorney for the family, there is grave concern regarding the lack of regulation when it comes to the training and insurance many midwives have. As a result, the attorney noted, there could be people that do not have the resources to deliver a baby but claim that they are allowed to do so. Additionally, these people may not have the financial capability of paying a family when a disaster does happen, as is likely the case with the woman in this lawsuit.

When a medical practitioner makes an error and causes a serious or fatal injury, it is important to seek the help of an attorney to file a malpractice claim. A lawyer can focus on bringing the negligent parties to justice so the family can focus on healing from the devastating event.

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