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Suit alleges obstetrician was negligent during child’s birth

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2014 | Pregnancy-Related Injuries

When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she is excited about the impending birth of a healthy, happy baby. Many women put a lot of thought into the birth of the child during pregnancy, even going so far as to create a birth plan. There are times when things do not go according to plan, and Massachusetts women expect their doctors to act accordingly. Unfortunately, as one family has learned, delivery room negligence can have serious consequences.

A woman went through 18 hours of labor before delivering her child by C-section in 2011. Her son now has permanent injuries, including losing the normal use of some of his body parts, and he will require special care for the rest of his life. In a complaint against her clinic and obstetrician, the woman, her husband and their now-2-year-old son allege that several errors led to the child’s condition. He was born without a heart rate and was floppy, and he was diagnosed with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy and birth asphyxia.

The family says in the lawsuit that the physician did not comply with the standards of practice among obstetricians. It also claims that he did not respond appropriately to the infant’s medical conditions, failing to use his best judgment and exercise reasonable care.

The medical malpractice trial is expected to last three weeks. The family was right to hire an attorney to help them file the suit and pursue justice. Victims of a doctor’s negligence are entitled to compensation for the medical expenses they incur as well as the pain and suffering they endure.

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