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Botched pregnancy procedure results in leg amputation

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2013 | Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Being pregnant can be an incredibly exciting time for a woman. There is much preparation and anticipation of the baby. Unfortunately, some pregnancies do not result in a baby. Many Massachusetts women find themselves with pregnancy complications, which can compromise both their safety and the safety of the baby. When doctors fail to take appropriate action, the consequences can be serious.

In 2009, a New York woman was facing the emotional hardship of an ectopic pregnancy, which required a gynecological procedure. Now, four years later, she is in the middle of a lengthy trial, as she has brought suit against the hospital where the procedure was performed. Her attorney said doctors failed to detect the 5-millimeter hole they made in her colon, even though she had complained of pain and fever. She also had an abnormal heart rate after the surgery. Her mother said all the damage from the botched surgery has left her daughter with no life.

While the hospital’s lawyers maintain that doctors were not negligent in her care, the woman suggests otherwise. She had gone to the facility for a laparoscopic surgery that would remove the ectopic pregnancy. She alleges that during the procedure, a surgeon punctured her colon. She suffered blood poisoning and gangrene, and went into cardiac arrest three times during her 73-day stay in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

The hospital asserts that the young woman – who has a 13-year-old – can still work and have a productive life, though her mother says that she struggles every day. The 33-year-old underwent a colostomy and skin grafts, and eventually both of her legs were amputated below the knee. She also suffered hearing loss as a result of the antibiotics she had to take to contain an infection.

The woman’s lawyers are fighting for compensation for her medical expenses and pain and suffering. Anyone who finds themselves in a worsened condition as a result of a pregnancy-related injury should consult an attorney who can help secure the finances they need and the justice they seek.

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