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E-records led to Massachusetts woman's death, other issues

Medical industry leaders have started to realize that they need to catch up with evolving technology. Many medical providers in North Adams are on the cutting edge when it comes to equipment or treatments. Despite those advancements, there is still room for a doctor error due to an antiquated record-keeping system. The recent push for electronic records is intended to eliminate that risk, but some people argue that the process of changing systems is creating additional hazards.

Family alleges negligence after woman freezes to death in morgue

When a loved one passes away, many friends and family members look for an explanation as to what happened. For many people in North Adams, those answers come from a conversation with a doctor. If the death was a result of medical negligence, survivors may have even more questions. Such was the case for one family who was initially led to believe their wife and mother died of a heart attack.

Study: Patients paying for brain scans that may not be necessary

The time spent in the waiting room at a doctor’s office alone can be draining. Many North Adams patients then have to endure long appointments and follow-up meetings to resolve issues. While these trips can be time-consuming, they can also be life-saving as physicians conduct tests to try to avoid medical negligence. Mounting evidence is showing, however, that some of these tests are not only unnecessary, but they are costing a significant amount of money.

Massachusetts seeks to prevent malpractice with e-records system

Technology is one of the reasons medical care has made huge advancements. Patients in Massachusetts can now undergo advanced testing to diagnose issues and receive treatments using high-tech equipment. Despite these strides, there are still instances of medical negligence, such as giving an individual the wrong medication. In an effort to reduce the chances of these errors, the state is launching a new mandate.

Doctors without licenses still issue medicine via Medicare Part D

Patients put a lot of trust into their doctors to provide the best care and prescribe the right medicine. One thing many North Adams residents may not consider is whether or not their physician is in good standing with local and national medical boards. In fact, due to a flawed system, recent reports show that doctors who have committed medical negligence are still practicing and prescribing.

Report: Massachusetts is failing in medical liability reform

Whether or not you have persisting medical issues, it is important that you know where your nearest emergency room is. Many Massachusetts residents take comfort in knowing there is a hospital nearby they can trust to provide them care when they need it. Hospitals are regularly reviewed and inspected, with officials pouring over everything from the quality of care to the number of medical malpractice lawsuits. It is important for everyone to understand how their state's hospitals are ranked.

Lawsuit: Dentist's errors results in 3-year-old's death

Dentists are entrusted to do everything from keeping your teeth clean to performing intensive procedures. North Adams residents and their children are encouraged to visit their dentist twice a year to maintain good oral health. However, when your dentist commits medical negligence, it can mean much more than simply a worsened smile, as one recent case reminds us.

Surgeon's error leaves woman with pain and scarring

Many patients expect to feel better after having surgery to fix a problem. Massachusetts residents who have anxiety over a procedure may be relieved to know that the operation will leave them in a better state. However, a doctor error during surgery can actually leave people in worsened conditions, as one recent incident reminds us.

Lowell infant has debilitating condition due to medical error

When you fall ill, you trust your doctors to treat your symptoms and help you get better. Many people in Massachusetts turn to licensed professionals in their time of need. When a physician commits medical negligence, it can mean much more than simply missing a warning sign. A mistake can have serious repercussions for the victim, as one Lowell family is discovering.

Family sues psychiatric hospital after loved one's death

Placing a loved one in a psychiatric care facility in Massachusetts can be one of the toughest decisions a person can be make. However, when a person can no longer properly care for him or herself or needs psychiatric treatment, this may be the only option. During this delicate period, family members undoubtedly have many concerns for their loved one. Worries over how staff at the psychiatric facility will properly care and treat their loved one should not be one of them. However, after a patient died as a result of blunt-force injuries, her family was left with many questions regarding her care.

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